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Eco-houses  development (Pembroke Dock)
Detailed planning permission for 2 semi-detached load-bearing straw bale houses on car tyre foundations (currently under construction) and a separate bungalow on neighbouring land.

Orchard Gardens site (Pembroke)

Detailed planning permission for 6 plots (the remaining 4 plots were sold to self-builders who employed their own architects/designers – site layout had already been approved when I started work there). An application for 2 of the plots was initially refused but was approved with some modifications.
Building Regulations approval for 6 plots.

Links Drive site (Pembroke Dock)
Detailed planning permission for a 5-house development including private access road, services and foul drain diversion.
Detailed planning permission for extensions for 2 of the neighbouring properties.
Building Regulations approval for plots 1-4 (the fifth being sold off as a self-build plot).

Sycamore Woods site (Pembroke Dock)
Outline planning permission for a 9-house development including adoptable highway, footpath, bridleway and street lighting, adoptable foul drainage system and pumping station.
Detailed planning permission for 8 of the houses.
Building Regulations approval for 8 of the houses

St. Patrick’s Hill site (Pembroke Dock)
Outline planning permission for 5 houses with new adoptable access road and street lighting.
Detailed planning permission for 11 houses on the existing estate. An application for 4 houses was refused initially but approved with some modifications.
Detailed planning and Building Regulations approval for an extension to an existing house on the estate.
Building Regulations approval for 14 houses.
Speculative work on various large scale residential developments – on hold at present.

Detailed planning permission for 2 load-bearing straw bale semi-detached houses Primrose Cottage site (Pembroke)
Detailed planning permission for a block of housing incorporating 2 semi-detached houses flanking 3 flats with 3 maisonettes above.
Building Regulations approval for the 8 units above.
Hydrological calculations re flood risk (approved by Environment Agency).

Pennar Park (Pembroke Dock)
Building Regulations approval for 4500 sq ft new build (architect-designed).
Various other design and office work during the three-year build.

Carew Airfield
Building Regulations approval for 3-storey “control tower” extensions to market building.
Legitimisation application for caravan dealership – granted on appeal.

Cattedown, Plymouth
Speculative work on conversion of a boatyard into a water-front office development. No application made.

Pembroke Cricket Club
Various works related to construction of a new pavilion building.

West Furzton Farm (Maidenwells)
Retrospective planning permission for a garden office building.

Sageston Fields site (Sageston)
Detailed planning permission for 2 houses.
Outline planning permission for a 35-house development – Refused – negotiations ongoing.

Other new-builds
Detailed planning permission for 9-10 various new-build houses (mostly for self-builders) scattered around Pembrokeshire; mostly Pembroke and Pembroke Dock, Neyland, Milford Haven, and an outline permission in Puncheston.
Building Regulations approval for 15 or so new-builds; mostly as above plus Mathry, Freshwater East, Hundleton and elsewhere.

Extensions & renovations
Detailed planning permission for 20-25 various extensions and renovations ranging from 2 back-to-back extensions to terraced housing in Oxford to a two-storey extension in Meidrim, complete renovation of farmhouses in Uzmaston and Llanddowror, a couple of barn conversions in Manorbier, several urban extensions in Pembroke Dock, a house-sized extension in Wiseman’s Bridge, etc. Building Regulations approval for many of the above.

Thermal performance calculations
Various properties including ones in Mathry, Letterston, Dwrbach, Square & Compass, Nevern, Roch, Wolfscastle, Welsh Hook, Woodstock East, Little Rickeston, St. Ishmael’s, West Williamston, Blaenwaun, Hermon, Boncath, Moylegrove, White Mill, Nantgaredig, Rhoscrowther, Llandybie and Llandysul.

Energy generation
Detailed planning permission for a 5 kW wind turbine.
Detailed planning permission for a stand-alone 50 kW photovoltaic farm.
Layout drawings for 50 kW photovoltaic array at National Botanic Gardens, Carmarthenshire
Detailed planning permission pending for three more 50 kW photovoltaic farms in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire

Other work
Various other things including artist’s impressions and computer visuals, SAP calculations, water consumption calculations, preparation of plans for an oil-recovery barge, planning permission for relocation of a 120 by 180 foot portal-framed building, SAP assessments, Code for Sustainable Homes assessments, CAD drawings for machine-cutting MDF components for a bed maker and book illustrations (“Eco-House: A Design Guide” – Roaf/Thomas Fuentes 2001 and subsequent editions – the Pembroke Dock eco-houses I am building will be featuring as a case study in the fourth edition).

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